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Blogging vs. Writing – My blog is winning July 23, 2012




It’s the battle royale – blogging vs. writing, and unfortunately, my blog is going for the knockout.



I started writing this blog about seven months ago and liked the idea of creating my own platform.  Since that time, I’ve enjoyed the ability to muse about my writing, other people’s work, as well as interviewing some amazing authors.  But at the end of the day, I find that I’ve done more creative things on my blog than with my writing.



The day-to-day tally:



Blog: 500 words


Manuscript: 200 words



What’s wrong with this picture?



It’s like the cart before the horse.  One is supposed to support the other.  But if this is true why is one getting all the attention?



I think I’ve figured that out.  The blog is easy.  You can put your thoughts down – beginning, middle and end – and get instantaneous response.  The writing, on the other hand, is a long, drawn-out process, where you may not get feedbacks for weeks, months, even perhaps years.



The thing is, writing is what’s important, and I lose sight of that sometimes.  It could also be that I only have a short amount of time to write anything now because I have screaming kids running around the house. Is summer over yet?



Fellow bloggers/writers what do you think?  Is your blog infringing upon your writing?  If not, how do you balance your time between posting and penning your manuscript? I’d love to hear from you.



And now, I’ve wasted enough time on this post. Back to the writing…until I have to post again.





6 Responses to “Blogging vs. Writing – My blog is winning”

  1. I try to keep them balanced. If I’m excited about both, I’m good.

  2. lauralanni Says:

    You are so right–blogging is easier. It can be completed with distractions.

    If you have little kids to feed and raise and love, real writing needs to happen in another building. Don’t try to do it at home. You need to go somewhere alone for a couple of hours each day. Pay the teenager next door. Call your mom. Make your spouse commit. It is that important.

    The world is waiting to read your book.

    • Thanks Laura for your comment. You are right. I just need to find a quiet place to tuck myself away for a while. Hopefully then I can get back to my MS that is begging to be finished.

  3. deshipley Says:

    As of this particular moment, blog time is totally eating up writing time. It pleases me not, but part of the reason I’m allowing this period of laxity is that I know social media time will be taking a firm back seat, come August, when I plan to race through 50,000 brand spanking new first draft. (National Novel Writing Month: It’s not just for November anymore!) It’ll be insane, but I’m yearning for it. Writing like a boss, here I come!
    …Oh, and maybe sometime in September, I’ll settle back into something resembling sustainable balance. We can hope.

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