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Books DO Make A Difference July 9, 2012



I just saw this spot on the “Today Show” and was thrilled to see that once again books are making a positive impact on a teenager’s life – Parents tell how they kept grad gift a secret for 13 years


Brenna Martin, a recent high school graduate, received an amazing gift from her parents.  A copy of the Dr. Seuss book, OH, THE PLACES YOU’LL GO.  Yes, I know this is a common gift for many high school and college graduates, but what makes this special is that her parents had each of her teachers ( kindergarten – senior year) write something encouraging in the book.


This is yet another amazing instance of the impact the written word has on our youth.  Not only is Dr. Seuss a timeless example of how books can add to our life, but in this case, his words help to make an amazing gift this young woman will cherish for the rest of her life.


I hope everyone will take this example and employ it with their own children.  You don’t have to use a Dr. Seuss book.  Find another inspiring novel and begin writing positive thoughts in it for your child.  Then pass it on.  I’m sure when they become of age, they will cherish your thoughtfulness as much as Brenna does with her parents.


Check out Brenna’s Blog for the whole story –


What about you?  Do you have a book that has made a positive impact on your life?  If so, please reply in the comments.  I’d love to hear what author has helped to influence your life.




3 Responses to “Books DO Make A Difference”

  1. lauralanni Says:

    Books that made a positive influence on my life:
    To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee
    The Power of One, Bryce Courtenay
    Watership Down, Richard Adams
    The Grapes of Wrath, John Steinbeck
    The Footprints of God, Greg Iles
    The Pleasure of Finding Things Out, Richard Feynman
    Contact, Carl Sagan
    The Princess Bride, William Goldman
    Ishmael, Daniel Quinn
    …and many more.

    Our children must read ALL the time to expand their minds.

    I have taught teens and young adults since 1996 and raised two amazing daughters. My one-year-old grandson loves books.

    America’s children have the potential to achieve on the level of the world’s best and brightest. But they do not! The key is to read to them when they are tiny, teach them to read early, and encourage the exploration of the world (and universe) through books, books, and more books.

  2. deshipley Says:

    That is such a [insert highly positive adjective that begins with a consonant] idea! Not that I’m too thrilled about putting pen to already-printed pages (libraries being a huge part of my childhood, it got drummed into me early that we’re not to mark up books!), but the gift’s premise is a sound one. A notebook full of thoughtfully sweet scribbles, quotes, pictures, etc. would be equally grand, aye?
    (P.S. — Hi, Fellow Buccaneer Amy! Happy blog-hopping!)

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