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Freedom Comes First July 4, 2012



Happy Fourth of July!


Normally on Wednesday I post my W.O.W. series, but I was gone on vacation last week, and because today is a holiday, I am going to wait until next week to post my newest installment which features Jill Hathaway. Her writing journey is definitely one you are going to want to read. Plus she’s a teacher and ALL TEACHERS rock in my book. So please check back next Wednesday for the newest W.O.W. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!


Today I want to talk about something that is very important to me as a writer and is the perfect topic for a Fourth of July post – FREEDOM.


There are all types of freedoms we have in America thanks to the Constitution and Bill of Rights, but I want to focus on the first amendment which is the Freedom of Religion, Press and Expression.


I graduated with a degree in journalism and was fortunate to study under some amazing professors. Now unlike other subjects of study, in order to teach journalism at my college you had to have years of experience in the field prior to teaching. Many of the faculty had years in the trenches as AP writers, so when they spoke about the craft of writing they knew what they were talking about.


In class after class each professor touched on one topic repeatedly  –  freedom of speech. They discussed the responsibility of a journalist to report true, unbiased fact and then allow the public to make their own decision about the topic. Many of them ruminated about being among foreign war correspondents whose work was twisted for political motivation before being published. They each in their own way expressed how grateful they were to be U.S. citizens because they knew their work would be able to shine in its authentic, uncensored form.


Now I know journalistic writing is much different from creative writing, but they both stand on the same principle. No matter what you write, you personally have the freedom as a U.S. citizen to express what you feel without fear of persecution. I think many people take this single freedom for granted.  I do not.  I feel it is a privilege to live in a country where I can write what I feel and not be censored for my honest thoughts. Whether I decide to write about something political or pure fiction, I can do so knowing my work will be received without being manipulated in any way.


How about you? On this day where we recognize a battle for freedom, what right do you appreciate the most? Let me know, I’d love to hear from you.




3 Responses to “Freedom Comes First”

  1. I actually think about things like this all the time; how blessed I am to live here. It seems silly to fuss over such things to most people I know but honestly, if you lived in another country, it wouldn’t be silly at all.
    I think we take a lot for granted and don’t really think about just how amazingly blessed we are to have had ancestors fight for our freedom and continuous generations uphold that.
    We’re genuinely allowed to be ourselves in all facets of expression. Except of course, the raving mad lunatics carrying an ax. 😉

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