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YA Flash Fiction June 5, 2012




As I mentioned in a previous post, I am a big fan of getting out of your writing comfort zone.  I am currently polishing a short story for a contest over on, and I just sent another flash fiction entry over to the WOW Women on Writing website for their spring contest. Taking on these projects takes time away from my current edits, but I feel it makes my writing overall so much better.



What I am finding, as I take on these new writing challenges, is that I am always gearing my stories toward the YA market.  Makes sense.  Both of my finished manuscripts are YA and every story I wrote for my writing class was YA- focused. With this in mind, I started googling and yahooing my way through the web trying to find flash fiction contests that centered on YA.  The market is so big for this audience I thought for sure there would be dozens of sites looking for this type of material. I was so wrong.  I only found one or two sites that were looking for stories and those contest opportunities had already come and gone.



With this in mind, I decided I’d start a new feature on this blog where I spotlight an aspiring YA writer who wants to submit a flash fiction story.  Along with publishing their story, I’d like to share their bio and inspiration behind the flash fiction piece.



As this is YA, all submissions will need to appeal to this audience and the content and language appropriate. The story should be NO MORE than 750 words.  Make sure it has a clear beginning, middle and end and truly grasps what the YA audience is interested in reading.  It can be of any genre: contemporary, paranormal, fantasy, steampunk, as long as it falls into the YA criteria of having an MC that is between the ages of 15 and 18 years old.



If you are interested in submitting, please comment on this blog and include your story.  If I receive enough response I’ll try to publish one story a week. Be sure to include your bio, and your social media platforms. You do not need to follow my blog to participate – but I would LOVE IT if you did! Please also pass the world along to any and all writer friends who are interested in providing a piece for this audience. You don’t necessarily have to write YA full-time in order to provide a YA piece.



I look forward to hearing from you and reading your stories!


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