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The Query Quest May 26, 2012


When I first started writing, I learned about this little thing called a query. Having no idea what this meant, I did further research and learned this was basically a business letter you send to a literary agent, trying to hook them into asking for manuscript pages and possibly an offer of representation.



Of course after having written dozens of press releases in my career , I thought writing a query would be easy.  I know how to write a hook. No problem.



Then as I continued my research, I started to come across comments from seasoned writers like, “it took me longer to write the query than my book,” or better yet, “queries are evil and they must be destroyed.” Still, I thought I had a handle on this. I’ll finish my MS and then attempt a query – how hard could it be?



Well, here I am six months later – still tinkering.  Luckily, I’ve found a writing community where they take the time to really dig into your presentation and help you hone the query until it shines. It’s a very daunting task because you know once you send it out into the world, there’s no getting it back.  And once the “thank you, but no thanks yous” come in you’ve officially burnt that bridge with the agent – at least for that MS.



So the question is how long do you work and push your query until you just let it go? Do you wait for 100% positive feedback before you send it out  – or do you just take a chance, cross your fingers and send it?



If you are a fellow writer, have you struggled with your query? If so, what helped you pushed through and make it really sparkle?



I’d love to hear your stories.







2 Responses to “The Query Quest”

  1. tobiaswrites Says:

    I’m rather hoping that any agent that finds my query to be lacking will say so when they send me packing, but so far that has not been the case. We’ll see.

    • Yes, I too have found that it’s either no response or a form rejection. I did get one reply from a younger agent,on my first MS, who said that she liked my character’s voice and to keep working on it. It’s funny how just those few words in an email can encourage you to push on.

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