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Always A WIP May 7, 2012

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I am currently working on revising my WIP and it is seriously draining me. I am having so much trouble getting my old world out of my head and trying to delve into this new idea – but the old MS keeps nudging at my brain.


I am still plugging ahead though. I wrote the first new chapter yesterday. I am beginning to like it but it still needs a lot of work.


Saw the Taylor Swift video yesterday for “Safe and Sound” and it freaked me out. The ending is  exactly how I pictured the final scene in my WIP. The dark, cloudy day.  The mist rising over the hills.  This is my setting – just kind of crazy to see it in living color. I was trying to post it but for some reason I couldn’t embed it here.  One more thing I am going to have to figure out.


The picture below gives you an idea of the setting. As my protagonist says…


“Light begins to creep over the horizon as daybreak approaches. The sun remains hidden behind a bank of gray clouds hanging in a tight formation across the sky.  A mist looms over the grass and its heavy pall makes it feel like Mother Nature is also in mourning.”


Back to writing.  Pray I get some serious inspiration today!






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