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Is it the end or just the beginning May 4, 2012

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So sad news to report…I’ve been told that my current MS is not “high-concept” enough and that I need to add something whether it be a new character, plot twist or Macguffin (yeah – had to look this one up) in order for agents to sit up and take notice.


So as I sit here, I wonder what kind of new rocks I can throw at my characters to make it more high concept.  Problem is I already thought it was pretty high concept and had the necessary tropes…


1) Alternate History World (not dystopian – which I’ve been told is past its prime)


2) Strong Female Character


3) Compelling Social and Political Issues


Some reliable sources says it’s all in my pitch and that it needs retooling – others say I need to really flesh out my world more. It’s really difficult to cull through all of that now and honestly troubling considering I love the way my story is right now. I know I can make some changes but I worry it will destroy the true core of the story.


Other writers out there can you weigh in? Have you ever had to tear your MS apart, rebuild your world, and characters so it would be more “high-concept”? Did you feel your MS got stronger because of it? Let me know.


Meanwhile, I’ll be sitting here trying to figure out what I can do to make my characters “cha-cha” instead of “waltz.”







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