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Writer Flu April 30, 2012

So I think I have what they call the “writer flu” – a bad case of nausea, headaches and just plain, old irritability.  You may ask is this a virus I can get or something you can take antibiotics for? I wish the answer was yes, but sadly this type of sickness comes from numerous agent rejections.

What makes it an especially bitter pill to swallow is that all my other writer friends (who are in all honestly, simply brilliant writers) are getting requests left and right.

Thus, I am left asking myself what to do next? Trash my entire query and approach from another angle? Keep pushing along because I think the current query is pretty good as is? Or simply let it go for a while and work on my next manuscript that is begging to be written. The characters are jumping around in my head literally screaming to be heard.  And no I haven’t lost it – other writers will tell you their characters do the same thing.

Help me out here writing brethren.  What do you do when you are feeling low about your writing? Have any tips to get me motivated and out of the dumps?

I’d so appreciate any words of wisdom you could pass along.



2 Responses to “Writer Flu”

  1. I totally opt for setting it aside for awhile. Start writing with those characters who are screaming to get out! Maybe that story will be even better than the one you’re working with now, and if not, when you go back to what you have at the moment you’ll be able to look with fresh eyes and embrace any changes that need to be made, rather than trying to force them because you feel you need to.

    You should also keep in mind, while you’re working on this other thing, that agents and publishers can change their mind. Maybe what an agent isn’t interested in right now, they might be a few weeks/months/years down the road. Your query might be perfect, but it might not be their cup of tea right now. You never know when tastes will change, though, so keep your chin up and keep working.

    Good luck getting over the writer flu!

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