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Underground Book Reviews April 24, 2012

I met this wonderful friend at a writers conference in New York this past December.  She has become part of my online critique group and is an amazing writer in her own right.

She and a couple of other writers have an amazing website called Underground Book Reviews.  It’s a great site where they profile new and emerging authors in a variety of genres.

I was recently fortunate enough to be selected for their “Emerging Author Series”. The amazing thing about this series is that if  people read your article and like what they see, they can vote to see your first chapter.  A truly amazing opportunity.

So if you are interested in books, whether they be fiction or non-fiction, I suggest you check it out.

Do you have other book sites or writer blogs that you follow?  I’d love to hear about them.  I am always up for following someone new.



4 Responses to “Underground Book Reviews”

  1. Thanks for posting the link, I’m always on the lookout for new sites that shine the spotlight on emerging authors.

  2. JKBradley Says:

    I have several short pieces on my website you may enjoy, if you prefer things written from a darker perspective.

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