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How Do You Deal With Rejection? April 14, 2012

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Part of my painful introduction to this new world of literary publishing is of course the dreaded rejection. To be honest, I thought I’d be used to it by now after my first manuscript went down in spectacular flames. But now here I am with manuscript number two and again the dreaded “thank you but no thank you” has returned.

So I wonder how do other writers deal with rejection and continue to push on through? Do they take each “no” personally and continue to polish and perfect or do they step away from it all for a while to get some perspective?

I have a wonderful friend I met through a writer’s conference who is an immensely talented writer but keeps getting rejected as well. It makes me wonder if this all isn’t about luck and timing.  You can have the most brilliant concept, amazing storytelling, and killer characters but they come at a time when the genre is flooded with similar ideas or the agents are just tired of red-headed heroines (yes, I heard that once at a conference).

For me, I’m dealing with all the rejection in one simple way – I’m just writing something new.  I feel like even if I never get published I never want to stop writing. If all my manuscripts only become great bedtime stories for my kids well then I guess that’s okay because hopefully it will be something they will never forget.

And one last nugget of hope that keeps me hanging on…I just read a blog from a newly published author who had to write six manuscripts before she got a “yes.” That says a lot for perseverance and dedication to the craft.



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