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The Thumb Drive is Your Friend February 22, 2012

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Considering I am working on my second manuscript, you’d think by now I’ve  gotten good at saving things, backing up important info etc. and for the most part I have and yesterday it really saved my buns.

After I made the mistake of not saving my first manuscript in several places, I got burned and lost half of it (about 100 pages or so…urgh) when a virus got hold of my hard drive.  Hackers really suck!

So now I’ve  learned my lesson and have my first and second manuscripts stored in various places – email, hard drive and portable drive.  Yesterday, all of this came in handy because my computer was really acting up – freezing, shutting down, restarting itself – real ghost in the machine type stuff.

I researched the error message I was getting and learned it could be repaired by following a few easy steps.  A few easy steps…I should have known then I was going down a treacherous path. I followed all the directions to the letter, screen went black, little, blue  cursor circled and then POOF – totally clean hard drive. No kidding.  In the little box in the corner of the screen where it says number of documents, it used to say 354 – now it reads 0 – big, fat goose egg. I panicked of course, tried to do a system restore, and the whole time I am struggling, I can almost feel the computer vibrating with laughter – Ha! Ha! Got you!

Thank goodness my best friend’s husband is a computer genius and he is restoring all my files as we speak.  I am working on a different computer now to write because my manuscript was stored in about a dozen different places but I’ve learned my lesson – don’t mess with the computer Gods and ALWAYS, ALWAYS save your work everywhere you can.  You never know when your computer may revolt and your thumb drive may be the only weapon that beats it back into submission.



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